Phoenix theophrasti var. Epidaurus

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Trunk height 0 - 10 cm
Total plant height 140 cm

The Phoenix theophrasti originates from at least 10 localities in Crete, the best known populations on Crete are the palm forests of Vai and Preveli. Some palms are known to grow on nearby islands and from 4 localities in Turkey of which the most northern one at Golkoy near Bodrum. The Phoenix theophrasti var. Epidaurus is a rare palm from the town Palea Epidavros also called Ancient Epidavros, Peloponnesos, Greece. This tiny population of only 25 trees growing at 37°38'29.20"N is the only population on the mainland of Greece and the most northern population of the species. This population is about 60 km further north then the variety from Golkoy. There is only 1 palm that produces true to type viable seed, which makes this palm highly vulnerable. Temperatures in Palea Epidavros can drop below freezing in winter and these palms tolerate the occasional snowfall. This variety has the potential to become a popular palm for temperate climates where it gets to cold for the regular Phoenix canariensis. Although there is almost no experience from cultivation, the results from the first laboratory tests promising and show that this is the most cold tolerant Phoenix. Also we know that these palms can grow very rapidly but sufficient summer heat is required. We have written a detailed article about this palm in habitat and about the laboratory tests. These articles can be found under articles and publications.

Offered plants are 6 year old plants that have been grown in open soil in our greenhouse. From here they have been potted in 25L containers and have been rerooted for more then a year. Our advise is to keep them in this pot for 1 more year prior to planting. After planting they have to be protected from moderate to heavy frosts for the first few years to give them the opportunity to settle. We have only few plants availible. To give as many enthausiasts the opportunity to grow this rare palm we ask to order only 1 plant per person.

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